Our trained caregivers provide useful medication reminders.


The majority of older adults, especially those 65 and over, need to take multiple medications at various times in the day. Managing a number of different medications at demanding schedules and remembering, for example, which pill goes after meals and which one should be taken on an empty stomach can be quite challenging for seniors.

This can lead to missed doses and undermine the medicine’s effectiveness. In some cases, skipping medications and medication mistakes can be even hazardous to one’s overall health too – especially for those with conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.


Our care experts can ensure your mom or dad take medications correctly by:

  • Giving a verbal reminder
  • Setting a timer
  • Making sure medications are taken as instructed (with a glass of water, before or after meals, and so on)
  • Tracking dates and times when each medication was taken
  • Monitoring for side-effects


We can help with:

  • Basic homemaking tasks
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping and running errands
  • Personal care
  • Transportation to visits and appointments
  • Provide loving companionship and conversation