Adult Social Care is the support provided to adults with either physical or learning disabilities, or physical or mental illnesses. The support provided could be for personal care such as eating, cleaning and getting dressed or for domestic routines such as going to the shops. Social care relates to the assistance of daily living – maintaining independence, social interaction and supported accommodation such as a care home.


Our staff are willing to help with, carrying groceries, run errands, give rides, entertain (i.e. sing, dance, and make you laugh!), help out with making phone calls, writing letters and reading, help with cleaning and help with cooking. For many seniors, home care fills the social gap created by growing older. Senior home companions monitor and protect a senior’s safety, health and wellness, handle everyday household tasks—and provide much-needed social interaction. Elderly companions meet an aging parent’s social needs by providing supportive conversation, helping to plan social outings and providing a little friendly encouragement to do light exercise and stay mentally active.